To say it was a tough morning would be an understatement!

09 March 2009

To say it was a tough morning would be an understatement! It was blowing gusts of over 100kph on the summit of Bellevarde and we were surprised that at 9:20AM the Funival was open for ‘nutters’ only. After arriving up top I mentioned that the Funival would be closed by the time we reached the bottom, but I was wrong and three trains later we called it a morning. We had some good snow here and there in protected areas and some trickier bits when going from pisted snow into drifts, and three runs was enjoyable but enough. It was amazing how many ’nutters’ were actually out there skiing and as the Funival was the only show in town big queues developed, which made our decision to stop easier. Well done to Pascale, Sharon, Chris, Inga, Geoff, Chris E, Ray, Jonathan, and Jean R for showing up this morning and having a go. Bravo! Gill missed the morning as she went down to Lyon to pick up her Mum Liz so Ray took the girls to school while I went to meet our brave skiers. Thanks Ray and I noticed the girls took him on the ‘short-cut’ through the deep snow up the steep hill, which isn’t the regular route. Cheeky little monkeys! Andreas, Peter and Olivia were given a nice write-up by Deborah Finlay on the Finlays website. Check it out on our link and there a few great photos too. Also have a look at Jean Ribart’s link as he posts photos every night on his site. Hopefully the wind will drop and 15 to 30cm’s are forecast for tomorrow, with clearer weather on Wednesday.

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