The wind did drop off significantly and we had a pretty good morning

10 March 2009

The wind did drop off significantly and we had a pretty good morning, which started off brightly before clouding over and finishing in a fairly heavy snowfall. Andreas, Chris and I played off the Verte before skiing a couple of good Bonnevie’s drags, a little Spatule, a very good Campanules, then two excellent runs off the Genepy/Cairn and the Familial. I was astonished by how deep the snow off the edge of the Genepy was and we only skied down a short way to avoid the steep roll-away, which would have been seriously dangerous today. Meanwhile, Thomas did a great job with his initiation group skiing around the Borsat and Grand Pre. It has snowed heavily all afternoon and I hope it stops soon before the danger levels rise to the point of shut-down tomorrow. The risk went up to 4/5 today although I wouldn’t have rated it that high, but tomorrow will be a totally different story and it’s shaping up to be a potentially dangerous day.(The forecast of 30 to 50cm’s this afternoon is starting to look more like 50-plus) Stay tuned!

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