With 40 to 50cm’s of fresh snow since yesterday afternoon....

11 March 2009

With 40 to 50cm’s of fresh snow since yesterday afternoon I was totally surprised this morning because some of the lifts opened on time and the avalanche risk was only rated at 3/5. We were expecting a slow start and enough risk to be somewhat confined but the morning turned out to be quite brilliant. Chris and I were on one of the first chairs up Solaise at 9:00AM (bang on time) and had a superb almost-non-stop run on piste with 20 cm’s on top. At the bottom I mentioned to my team that we could go home happy now but 9:15 is a little early to be packing it in so we waited fifteen minutes and were on the first gondola up Bellevarde. From there we opened up the Face du Bellevarde, again on-piste with 20+ cm’s and it was excellent. It was then time to move on so we headed up Solaise again to venture off- piste for the first time of the morning by skiing the Super L, which was steep and deep. It’s rare when you see snow flying over Red Ray’s head and Jean R needed to close his mouth to keep the snow out. Derek, who has been to Canada heli-skiing recently said, “I haven’t skied snow that deep for a long, long time”. By this time we really could have called it a day as it wasn’t going to get any better but 10:30AM is still a little early for lunch so we skied the Super L again, but the ‘people-factor’ was coming into play and the best of the morning was behind us. We then opened up the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid chair and enough was enough so we skied to the bottom and called it a morning. With all the new snow the best skiing was really off-piste on the piste because you needed steepness to even begin to work through the depth of snow. Anyway, it was a great morning and with -15C forecast tonight the snow should lighten up significantly for tomorrow.

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