After a good cold night the snow dried out nicely....

12 March 2009

After a good cold night the snow dried out nicely, which made snow that would have been impossible yesterday ski-able today, and in some cases jolly good. We headed to the Fornet and had a good warm-up off the Laisinant before skiing the Combe du Signal form the Pyramid (Signal was unfortunately still closed). From there we skied the Combe du 3300 and Chris and Andreas then went over the Col while Henry and I dropped back down to ski the Combe du Signal and Grand Vallon. It was pretty good skiing for the most part with some good steep and deep thrown in, and the clear blue skies didn’t hurt. I heard a horrible story about Vivien Leeming who went to Canada with her husband Mike to celebrate his 70th birthday, so if you’re eating turn away now. On their second day she was taken in an avalanche and buried up to her waist. Unfortunately they had set her bindings on 7 (she is fairly slight) and her skis didn’t release so when she came to rest both her feet were pointing back behind her, tearing all the ligaments in both knees. Ouch! We all at ‘Alpine’ wish Vivien a speedy and full recovery and can only imagine what she’s been through. Speaking of avalanches, in the Savoie yesterday a guided group had four people were killed in an avalanche measuring 500metres across and 900metres long, which is enormous. Anyway, another sunny day is forecast for tomorrow.

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