Everyone at ‘Alpine’ had an absolutely brilliant day today.....

14 March 2009

Everyone at ‘Alpine’ had an absolutely brilliant day today and I’m really proud of the team for a job well done. With the combination of tracks, wind and heat, our options are limited and good snow isn’t entirely evident, but we took some calculated risks this morning that really paid off. Henry ’skinned’ up to the Cols des Fours with his team and had a great outing, some of which was ’skiers snow’, and his group handled it really well. Andreas had a group of youngsters and they had a couloir session, skiing Couloir#3 off the Balme and Mickey’s Ears, both in excellent snow. Hats off to Jamie, Charlie (4 weeks skiing), and Sanil ( 6 weeks skiing), all of whom really did the business! Chris and I chanced Mont Roup thinking the northern exposures off of east would still be powder, and we had stunning snow top to bottom. We knew no one had skied Mont Roup from the Borsat but didn’t know how many might have arrived from the Grand Pre, and it was wonderful to find only three or four tracks, all of which had gone the wrong way leaving the entire place to us. When we arrived at the top of the Manchet I looked across towards the Crete des Leissieres and spotted some clean snow and was trying to work out how we could get to it when Ray said, “have you noticed the 3000 poma is open” to which I replied, “no, but thanks Ray”. So off we went judging that the snow a little north off the west facing slopes would still be soft . I mentioned to the team that I had better be right or we’d look like a bunch of ass——- standing under the up-and-over chair in sun-crusted snow. Anyway, the snow was still good (just) and the team did a fantastic job skiing down under the watchful gaze of everyone on the chairlift. Once down Derek looked back at our tracks and remarked, “that’s better advertising than giving out brochures!”. I then had a very enjoyable afternoon with Stephen C and Cristian while every neutral in the land will have loved Liverpool’s 4-1 thrashing of Man U at Old Trafford, although it won’t change the outcome of the Premiership title. Then I picked Millie up at the Perdrix from Big Millie’s 7th birthday party and had a couple of beers at the bar and some great laughs about times shared 28-years ago with my friend Hoove. It was great to hear from Dave and Tamsin that Millie had been an absolute delight and incredibly polite, which is a total contrast to life at home at the moment. Good girl Millie, well done team, and what a day!

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