The heat-wave continued today.......

15 March 2009

The heat-wave continued today and as Chris had a new group he returned to Mont Roup for another really good ski. It had warmed up a little since yesterday but was still jolly good, and Chris mentioned that after today it will be ‘cooked’. I took my team to Col des Fours and birthday-boy David R did the business in some surprisingly good snow and we had a great ski top to bottom then ‘skinned’ up to the next little Col for some bonus turns. I had a quick ski with Millie this afternoon as some big cumulus clouds rolled in but we’re expecting warm sunny weather again tomorrow. During my brilliant day yesterday I also ran into Bridget (Giles’ wife) and I hadn’t seen her in way too long so we had a nice cuddle on the piste and I’m looking forward to seeing her here in Val d’Isere more often in the future. Thomas also had a great ski down in Ste Foy yesterday on his day off. Stay tuned for news tomorrow as conditions get a little more difficult each day.

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