Fortunately the wind died down and the skies cleared leaving us with another sunny day...

21 March 2009

Fortunately the wind died down and the skies cleared leaving us with another sunny day, but it was much cooler. No new snow fell overnight but that really wasn’t a surprise and was always just wishful thinking. We had another cracking good day out of nothing this morning as Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to look for ‘scraps’ over the Col des Fours. When we arrived it looked a little rough but we managed good strips of frisset top-to-bottom. I then ‘skinned’ over the second little Col and had really good snow there as well. Ian N thoroughly enjoyed the trip and it capped off a great week for him. Thomas had an initiation group including Sharon’s husband and they ‘skinned’ to the always scenic Glacier Pers. Andreas joined him with John D and all in all it was another top result. Katie took another big step forward with her skiing today as she skied the Grand Pre on her own and she’s extremely proud of herself. Congratulations to Fred and Liz on their 45th wedding anniversary and apparently it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow so I’m in trouble! Thankfully another sunny day is in store for tomorrow with some snow mid-week.

Sports Report- All eyes are on the rugby this afternoon as Jean R is planning on watching all three games. I was happy with the Hammers point away while United fans are starting to get nervous. Speaking of nervous, Stocky will be feeling the heat as Boro are now in big, big, trouble after losing to Stoke. Chelsea blew their chance of chasing down Man U and it’s looking like it’s all up to Liverpool to keep it interesting. And well done Ireland for winning the Grand Slam for the first time since 1945-or-so. TF2 switched to their news broadcast leaving us unaware of what happened during the final 20 minutes.

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