If the forecast is right we enjoyed the end of our sunny streak today

23 March 2009

If the forecast is right we enjoyed the end of our sunny streak today and had another excellent ski this morning. Thomas had an initiation group and had a great result after a little ‘skin’ to the Borsat West. Chris skied the first pitch of the Borsat West then decided to climb to the top of the ridge and had fantastic snow from the top. Nice ‘sniff’ Chris! Andreas went down to Ste Foy and had a good outing on the Foglietta while I took my team to the Glacier Pers for some very good snow. It’s difficult getting over the Col at the moment so we had the entire areas to ourselves, which always adds to the ambience. I forgot Mother’s Day yesterday and Ray was feeling guilty as Gill had asked him to remind me and he forgot, so he took the girls into town to buy Gill presents and make cards at his place. Well done and thanks Ray! There was wind on the summits this morning, which really picked up this afternoon as clouds started to roll in and everyone is desperately hoping for some snow tonight. Stay tuned and dance a jig to the snow gods!

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