Ten to fifteen cm’s fell overnight

24 March 2009

Ten to fifteen cm’s fell overnight but the wind was ferocious with gusts of 100+kph on the summits of Bellevarde and Solaise and 140kph on the Pissaillas Glacier. Leaving home I thought we’d be lucky to get any skiing at all but the Funival opened on time and the skiing was much better than anticipated. We skied out Bonnevie’s drag in very good snow while Chris skied the Face du Bellevarde and ended up towards the Fornet. We had nice wind-compacted snow off the edge of the pistes as very little was open due to the wind but we enjoyed some pretty good visibility from 10:30 until noon and profited. The wind and snow were a welcomed change from two weeks of straight sunshine but on top of Bellevarde the wind was cold and punchy enough to frost-bite exposed noses and cheeks. (Anyway, today put a stop to 10-days of ‘skinning and gave our legs a rest.) Unfortunately it stopped snowing during the afternoon (it was forecast to snow 15-20cm’s during the day) and a clear morning is on the cards tomorrow followed by a stormy afternoon.

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