What an unexpectedly brilliant ski we were treated to this morning!

26 March 2009

What an unexpectedly brilliant ski we were treated to this morning! After looking out the window at clouds it was looking rather ordinary but the skies cleared and by the time we left the Gourmandine the sky was blue and it was game on. We started with the Face du Bellevarde as nothing else was open and although it was hectic it was the only show in town. Then it was trying to work out which way to go, trying to judge what lifts would open first, which isn’t exactly an exact science. I went back up the Olympic to find the Borsat still closed so after deciding to back-track to the Fornet headed down to the Grand Pre to ski some great north-facing powder on the meadows and then continued down to the Epaule du Charvet. I thought the Epaule would be ‘scratchy’ but on the lee side of gullies and little slopes the snow was deep and although a little warm, surprisingly good. From there we bussed towards the Fornet to join Chris just as the Signal poma opened giving us access to an excellent Combe du Signal. From there we headed upstairs to ski a really good Combe du 3300 before an absolutely stunning Pays Desert. (Check Jean R’s link, photos under March 8) It really was gob-smacking! (Chris then took Corrine over the Col as it was her last day and she’s never been through the gorge.) Thomas joined us at the Fornet and he skied the Combe du Signal a couple of times followed by the Grand Vallon. Bravo Thomas! Meanwhile Andreas had Mark G’s family for an initiation morning and they had a wonderful time around Bellevarde and towards Tignes. Henry went Tignes-way as well before heading back to the Fornet for the afternoon. It was an amazing ’bonus’ day and the best morning we’ve has in quite some time. It clouded over during the afternoon and has started to snow lightly and we’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings.

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