The day started off overcast.........

28 March 2009

The day started off overcast but the visibility was decent and the wind had calmed down significantly. I started with a good Borsat en-route to the Sachette, which was wind-compressed but a good ski. It was nice to have Peter and his daughter Gillian along over the past few days, and Margaret joined us this morning as well. Andreas and Thomas skied the Borsat, then the Chardonnet and Col des Ves. It was a pretty good day topped off with Katie skiing the Verte down to the Folie Douce on her own. At 3-and-a-half she has a lovely little stance and is really at ease on her skis. Bravo Katie! We were skiing in a white-out this afternoon on top of the Borsat with some nice snow falling so hopefully we’ll be in good shape for tomorrow as light snow is forecast during the morning followed by a sunnier afternoon.

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