It rained heavily during the night.......

02 April 2009

It rained heavily during the night, up to about 2400metres, and it was still raining this morning. The sky was grey, the wind was howling, and we had an absolutely brilliant day! The wind was stronger towards the Fornet and there was a rumour of 60+cm’s on the Glacier so we all headed to towards Tignes. (60+cm’s is too much with the warm temperatures and wind) We warmed up off the Verte before skiing two crackers on Bonnevie’s drag while waiting for the Borsat to open. Then the Borsat was excellent as was the Cairn and Genepy off the Motte, and Henry and Andreas did a little Spatule and Familial. Needless to say the snow down low was very warm and heavy but it was good skiing anyway, and the snow up top was really pleasurable. The afternoon was even better as the visibility was much improved and I skied with Robert and Caroline until 4:45 and Chris’ team was in the same area as we saw his tracks everywhere we went. Lucky Henry had a group 5 lovely young ladies this morning, chaperoned by David N, brother of Harry and Ian. Jean Marc has arrived in town for a week after a successful trip to Morocco and it will be nice to have him around for a bit. Some sun is possible tomorrow morning and hopefully it will calm down up at the Fornet or it might take them ages to get open up there. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS The twins Henry and Alex tried the old ‘swap-jackets-and-fool-everyone trick’ this morning, but we were fairly astute and didn’t fall for it a badly as Mark B’ stunt a few days back.

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