The sun reappeared this morning towards Tignes............

03 April 2009

The sun reappeared this morning towards Tignes but after a cold night we headed to the Fornet knowing the snow would have dried out, and we were rewarded with a stunning day of the highest quality. We warmed-up in great snow right from the start off the Laisinant Express, then had a good ski in the Combe du Signal en-route to the Glacier, which was absolutely brilliant and knee-deep in places. We skied just about every variation of gullies, couloirs and big slopes and as Jean R said, “It was 20 out of 20”. Although it was clearer in Tignes we had enough visibility to really travel and ski at ease, and the in-and-out cloud cover helped to keep the snow cold. Hats off to Lyndsay who had a great week shaking off her demons after a serious knee operation, and Andreas, Philip, Henry and Alex were well proud of her! Robert and Caroline had a wonderful two-weeks and made some real progress, as did Chris and his sons Joe and Sam. Thomas is still skiing with Adam’s children and finishes with them tomorrow. Ray skied for the first time in a week because of a calf injury and after a massive morning took Millie out this afternoon for a ski. They must have had a great time as they didn’t return until 5:15PM after a huge ski followed by hot chocolate and tiramisu at Chevallot. (They both seemed very pleased with themselves although Millie gave the game away pretty quickly) The forecast according to the Val d’Isere website is for ‘a largely sunny day and the wind will be weak and the temperature will be sweet’. Funky!

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