What a day!

04 April 2009

What a day! It was another day of superb skiing and happy faces and also a day of tragedy. For the good news first, after a cold night we all headed towards the Fornet for some great skiing. Although it was cool yesterday there was enough heat to put a heat/sun crust on what was perfect powder yesterday, and nothing but dead-north with altitude worked today. Andreas did a double ‘skin’ and skied the Glacier Pers and then up towards the Gros Caval, while Chris skied the Glacier Pers. Jean Marc had a day trip over the Col du Montet and up to the Grande Aiguille Rousse, and Henry skied off the lift system. I also had a double ‘skin’ as we skied the Pointe Pers followed by the Glacier Pers. It was another really good days of powder skiing as there isn’t much left because of the heat and rain from a few days back, and we may need to turn to spring snow in a the next day or two. It’s now official (for those of you who didn’t already know) that I am a total ‘berk’. For the second time this week I took Tony W’s skis and poles from the Gourmandine and fortunately again Tony’s team was heading the same way and we could swap without causing any serious delays or stress. Sorry again Tony! At least I saved Anthony Ellis from the ‘berk-of-the-day’ award as he skied the Pointe Pers in ‘walk-mode’. Nice one Anthony! I had a wonderful ski this afternoon as well with Millie, Natasha, Anthony E, and John E. Natasha is John and Margaret’s grand-daughter and we really covered some ground. Finally on the good news front, I was fist-pumping as Radio Will read off West Ham 2- Sunderland nil, as the injury-plagued Hammers continue to please me. Now for some very sad news. There was a serious avalanche today involving an ESF-guided group who were caught on the front-side of the Cugnai. Details are sketchy for the moment but a group of four were taken together and buried very deep because of a terrain-trap. There wasn’t a run-out zone and the snow accumulated against an embankment leaving them deep enough for the Pisteurs to really struggle to find them with their beeps. All four were buried but the first three were dug-out alive and the last was found up-side down and not breathing. He was flown to Grenoble and I’m not sure whether he survived or not. I’ll up-date you tomorrow when the details emerge.

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