It was another great day on the mountain as Ray celebrated his 100th morning of the season

06 April 2009

It was another great day on the mountain as Ray celebrated his 100th morning of the season. Nice one Red! After a cloudy night with a minimum re-freeze it could have been a tricky day but all the teams enjoyed good skiing. Jean Marc was off for an excellent day skiing the Col de la Calabourdane, the Col des Fours and the Lores, with Tony W, Chris and Matt E, and Kristina. (It was a nice change for Tony to get away from the Rond Point with his own equipment) Andreas had a new group so he re-traced his steps of yesterday and skied the Sachette and Henry skied Tignes-way as well. Chris and I were off to ski powder but after testing the snow off the Verte decided to divert to ‘Plan F’ and ended up skiing excellent spring off the Borsat, followed by Mont Roup , then variations off the Arselle and Lessieres. Mont Roup was delicate and we needed to play with the exposures to avoid ’quick snow’, but we managed to stay afloat and had a really good ski. It clouded over during the afternoon and an even lighter re-freeze is forecast for tonight with the possibility of a little rain around 2200metres and a few flakes above. The forecast also calls for cloudier skies over the next couple of days so we may have a couple of difficult days ahead, but who knows? This place rarely fails to deliver and we’ll hope for the best.

PS Update from Rob Cochran on Jean U.

“I revere Jean Ughetto, the eponymous Jean of Jeansport. He can repair anything. He comes from a generation when you repaired things. Now, you just replace them. My crappy fridge is a mute testament to his skills. Two of the three “balcons” inside the door broke, each time I took them out to clean. Jean glued the cracks but also curved and glued thin sheets of plastic to re-inforce the glued cracks. Bulletproof ever since. In wood, he built an ever so clever set of shelves for my hi-fi, tucking into a hidden corner of my tiny apartment (“so this is the clothes closet” as an american visitor assessed it. “Where do you and I live…..?” )Well, this weekend, I have seen him do the ski repair of all ski repairs. My next door neighbour is a french doctor from Montpellier. He had damaged the tail of a new Dynamic 8000 ski. Damaged…? All the professionals who looked at it said “How did you do that?” Imagine shooting a point thirty eight bullet at the tail of your ski, close to the edge. No, make that a .45. Is this respectable doctor a secret freerider? You would need to drop 5 metres onto a suitable sharp rock to obtain a crater like that, 8 metres even. The edge was badly battred and, on first sight, looked as if it was cracked. On myoptic inspection with JU, we noted that it was scored and scratched but not broken. “Yes, I think I can mend that,” says the ever modest JU. Well, the result…..I wish I had taken a “before and after” photo. It looked like a new ski. If you didn’t know where the big hole had been, you would never find it. The only evidence was a hardly visible scratch mark on the vertical of the edge. His charge for the repair? “€15…no, make that € 10 – it wasn’t that difficult.” Jean Ughetto – the magician.”

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