Radio Val announced +5.5C at 7:30 AM

08 April 2009

Radio Val announced +5.5C at 7:30 AM (too early for Radio Will) and with light cloud cover it was looking to be a potentially tricky day. Jean Marc started a four-day tour this morning and we wish him luck and some decent weather with some cold nights ahead. This morning Chris headed to Tignes and skied the big slope of the Aiguille Percee before skiing the Sachette and Familial to finish. It held up for him and they had a really good result. Andreas and I chose the Fornet for a change of pace and hoped that a few flakes fell yesterday afternoon and evening, which would soften the surface of the spring snow without needing direct sunlight. We were right but unfortunately when we arrived on the Glacier a thick cloud-bank arrived as well leaving us in nearly white-out conditions. We didn’t fancy that so we headed over the Col into better visibility and had good skiing in the Col Pers with Andreas exiting through the gorge and my team over the Grand Torsai. We then both circled back towards Bellevarde to finish the morning. It turned out to be a pretty good morning, which beats a ‘stinker’ any day. Millie and Katie are now on holiday and their cousins arrive tonight, so I’m really looking forward to skiing them all over the next few afternoons. It cleared during the afternoon so hopefully we’ll get a good freeze tonight, especially for Jean Marc’s sake.

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