It was +5C in town at 7:30AM

10 April 2009

It was +5C in town at 7:30AM and the sky was grey with a strong foehn wind blowing, but what a morning we had. It turned out to be one of the best ‘spring’ mornings of the season, both as far as snow texture and the fact that we skied clean slopes all morning long. Because a dusting of fresh snow fell the new snow ‘ate’ into the frozen surface and combined with the warm night all exposures felt good right from the start.(The sun was in-and-out so we had pretty good visibility most of the morning.) I started off on the meadows on the front of the Borsat for a little ‘tester’, then had an outstanding Lavachet, and equally good Cocaine South followed by an even better Cocaine Nord, and a very good Familial to finish. Andreas, Thomas, Chris, and Henry were all in the same neighbourhood and skied the same or similar variations. I was truly stunned by the quality of snow and a little surprised at how low we could ski on such a minimum freeze as the partial cloud cover and wind help keep the snow good to the last drop. I then went out with Millie, Wils, Natasha, and Anthony again this afternoon for another big ski and was a little frightened by the ‘air-time’ my 5-and-a-half-year-old and her pal Natasha seem to seek. Thank goodness they aren’t boys! It’s been socked-in up at the Fornet all-day long and I’m sure some snow has been falling up there, but we’ll need to wait and see what happens with the visibility tomorrow. Anyway, I’m still smiling about this morning’s brilliant outing!

PS Some of Andreas’ team were looking a little jaded this morning after he had his team down to his place for a BBQ yesterday afternoon, which became rather ‘jolly’. The Lavachet certainly woke them up and got them in the mood!

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