It rained lightly in town overnight and snowed a few centimetres above 2200metres.....

11 April 2009

It rained lightly in town overnight and snowed a few centimetres above 2200metres and the new snow will help tidy up the spring slopes enormously. As for today, the new snow worked as an insulator against the re-freeze so this morning the snow was much more fragile than yesterday. The wind was blowing up to 90kph up at the Fornet where it was also very grey so Tignes was the obvious choice again today. We had 5 to 10cm’s of lovely snow off the Verte to warm-up in and then similar in the bottom of the Borsat and down into Tignes. From there we skied an excellent Lavachet but it was fragile towards the bottom, which indicated that we didn’t want to try skiing any lower. I headed up towards the Motte where the wind was fierce so after a run off the Leisse we came back down via the flats on the glacier towards the ‘wall’ as it used to be know, and then into the Combe du Lanche. (The Combe wasn’t the best call of the morning as it was a little rough underfoot.) From there we had a pretty good run off the Col des Ves then skied piste back to Les Tufs. Meanwhile Andreas skied Mickey’s Ears with Peter C before joining Thomas on the Lavachet. From there I think they went off to ski the Cocaine Nord and I’m not too sure what else after that. All in all it was a pretty good morning for a potentially tough day. Jean Marc returns from his tour today and Pietro is here on holiday touring with Sue and Mark J. Chris had a day off as he had a touch of the gastro the other night so hopefully he’s feeling better today. I won Gill the Chevallot Birthday Cake for tomorrow on Radio Val this morning (it helps having Radio Will answering the phone) so we’ll be looking forward to that. Millie is out skiing with Gill while I take care of Katie who has a nasty little cough. The forecast is for 20cm’s of snow at the Fornet this afternoon and hopefully the ferocious foehn wind will die down so we can get up there and ski it. And come on’ you Hammers!

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