The sun returned in all its splendour this morning so we all headed to the Fornet...

13 April 2009

The sun returned in all its splendour this morning so we all headed to the Fornet to get the last of the powder before it turns to ’wishbone’ snow as it transforms to spring snow. It turned out to be an action-packed morning as three local skiers (they call themselves ‘riders’ these days) decided to ‘skin’ up to the Point Pers. Andreas had warned them to think again as a plaque on the same exposure had already popped out and the warning signs were there. Anyway, they triggered a slab about 350metres wide (fortunately it wasn’t too deep) and all three were taken. All three were equipped with air-bags and the two that pulled their handles and inflated the bags stayed on top, and the one who didn’t inflate ended up buried. (An excellent advert for the air-bags I’d say) Pietro, who was returning from a tour just happened to be the first to the rescue and found him immediately and dug him out. Well done Pietro! Andreas and I were there fairly quickly but Pietro had it under control and we went off with shaky legs to continue our morning. As for the skiing we had a great run in the Pays Desert with powder up high and more spring-like snow at the bottom, followed by an equally good Tour du Lechoir and an exit through the gorge. Millie went skiing with her cousins Wils and Rosie, followed by lunch at Les Tufs were she apparently took fifteen minutes deciding what to have, much to the annoyance of the waitress. Little Madame! I’m not too sure about the forecast but it looks as if we’ll be in for another sunny day again tomorrow, which won’t be too hard to take! (Wishbone snow is crusty and tries to rip your leg off!)

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