Gideon summed up the morning perfectly when he said, “that was awesome!”

14 April 2009

Gideon summed up the morning perfectly when he said, “that was awesome!”. The sun was blazing again and with Radio Val announcing +1C in front of the Tourist Office at 7:30AM, we knew it was cold enough last night and it was game-on! I opened up with an excellent Face du Charvet followed by an even better Tour du Charvet, way out skiers-left and then through the Couloir du Mont Blanc. From there we skied a good Col du Madeleine before finishing with a superb run off the 3000 poma. Andreas ’skinned’ to the Crete du Genepy and then Mont Roup, where he found excellent skiing before joining in on the Arselle-side of the spring tour. Henry also skied the Face du Charvet and Tour en route to the Arselle and Thomas skied ‘classic’ Val d’Isere spring snow as well. Chris had an adventurous morning as Kevin fell on the Lavachet and needed the ‘Giles Green Self-Arrest’ to stop himself from ending up in the lake below. We all know that Kevin is experienced with this sort of thing as he features on pages 93 and 94 of my book. Bravo Kev for not panicking and keeping it together under pressure! Anyway Chris’ team continued on for a great Cocaine Sud followed by the Sachette and Familial. Pietro finished his holiday with a Col du Montet and everyone at ‘Alpine’ had a cracking good day. I put on shorts, sandals and a t-shirt and walked around town with the girls this afternoon while they biked. We stopped for ice-cream and drinks on the terrace of the Perdrix and had a great time soaking up the sun. Meanwhile Gill was having lunch on our terrace with Bonne Sante’s excellent team of physios, Louise, Laura, Emma, and Ginny. The Perdrix reminds me that we had a good wildlife show this morning as we saw several Perdrix Blanches and a Lievre Blanc, and then some marmottes. A similar day is forecast for tomorrow with potentially some rain/snow later in the week.

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