It was Gill’s last morning of the season as the girls leave tomorrow

15 April 2009

It was Gill’s last morning of the season as the girls leave tomorrow, and we had another really good ski. Radio Val reported +5C at 7:30 and the clouds were arriving from the Galise aided by 50 kph foehn winds. The only sunny area in the resort was towards the Aiguille Percee so the entire team headed towards the sunshine. I started with an excellent Alti-port/Lavachet before skiing the big face off the Aiguille Percee en-route to the Sachette, which was great top-to-bottom. From there we had a few bonus turns off the Aiguille Rouge chairlift before finishing with a lovely Familial. Andreas skied the Cocaine Sud before arriving for the Sachette and Chris did a little ‘skinning’ in the Sachette to access some longer slopes. Considering the minimum freeze along with the clouds and wind, we all had great morning making the most of our options. Bravo boys! Andreas had Clare and Ewan G along this morning and it was nice to see them both again. Millie is spending her last afternoon with her boyfriend Achille so I hope she won’t mind having Katie and I along. Anyway, we should see a little snow above 2200metres this evening, especially towards the Fornet. And what a football match last night! Liverpool did themselves proud scoring 4 goals away and almost pulled off what seemed impossible before game time. Hopefully tonight’s games will be just as good, although I won’t be able to watch them.

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