Light rain fell throughout the night with it turning to snow around 8AM

16 April 2009

Light rain fell throughout the night with it turning to snow around 8AM. The foehn was still blowing but we decided to head towards the Fornet anyway, as that was where the most accumulation of snow would be. We were rewarded and had a great morning of powder snow although the visibility was a little tricky at times. Chris and I skied the Grand Vallon, Combe du Signal, two off the T-Bar on the Pissailles and a Col Pers to finish. Chris did a great job navigating over the Col as it was pretty white in places and it wasn’t easy. Well done Chris! Meanwhile, Andreas and Henry had an excellent morning concentrating on the Glacier as the best snow was up high. Gideon skied really well today and picked up the coveted ‘skier of the morning’ award. Nice one Gideon! Kevin had a quiet day today after he followed up his self-arrest on day-one by kissing a tree yesterday. Pat Z invited Chris and I to Top Ski for drinks as Peter CB, who we worked with twenty-plus years ago, is in town with his family visiting from New Zealand. We had a great evening and it was probably only the second or third time we’ve been in Top Ski since we left all those years ago. Merci Pat for a top evening! It started snowing huge flakes around noon and I’m a little worried about the roads as I need to drive to Lyon to drop Gill, Millie and Katie off as they fly back to England tonight. And brilliant wins for Arsenal and Man U last night, with Ronaldo scoring an absolute cracker!

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