The skies cleared during the night so we all headed up to the Fornet

17 April 2009

The skies cleared during the night so we all headed up to the Fornet to take advantage of yesterday’s snowfall. (check photos on Jean’s link) We needed to stay dead-north on anything except gentle terrain as it cleared briefly yesterday afternoon and the heat put a crust on what would have been great snow. I started in some lovely snow off the Laisinant before trying the Combe du Signal. It was ‘touched’ and we needed to traverse all the way across to the northern exposures before the crust disappeared , but once north the steep slopes were excellent. From there we skied two great runs in the Pays Desert before heading over the Col. Andreas had Peter and Clare C with their children, Niamh, Tara, Rory, Caitriona, and their pal Ross, and they laid perfect ‘Alpine’ tracks all morning long. Bravo Equipe Campbell! I had Ellie and Mike C along, and Mike wants David B to know that he missed a good one today, very cruel Mike! Neither Ellie nor Mike have skied much powder for a year or two and they both skied really well. Gill and the girls are back in England after an emotional farewell at the airport where Millie and I were blubbing. I miss them already but boy is it quiet around here! The forecast is for a clear night and colder so tomorrow will be interesting. After today’s heat we need to decide if it’s worth chasing powder high and north, or has it transformed to spring snow lower down? Tough call and stay tuned.

Kevin Watch-
Day One- Falls and goes for a slide on the Lavachet. Saves himself with a brilliant ‘self-arrest’.
Day Two- Falls traversing in the woods and kisses a tree. Lips and face aren’t seriously damaged and Suzanne pulls him out.
Day Three- Clean Sheet-Bravo Kev!
Day Four- Loses a ski and Suzanne finally finds it after entire team pokes about for awhile.
For more, check pages 93 and 94 in my book.

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