Another five to ten centimetres fell overnight

19 April 2009

Another five to ten centimetres fell overnight and we awoke to light snow falling and flattish light. Chris, Thomas and I decided on Tignes and it became apparent pretty quickly that it didn’t snow enough to cushion the base underneath and that we’d need ‘clean’ snow underfoot to have comfortable skiing. The only place we were going to find a perfectly smooth base was the Sachette and although the new snow insulated against a re-freeze it still froze enough for us to ski excellent snow right to the bottom. We had some powder turns on the first pitch before needing to turn to the spring slopes, which had about 5cm’s on top of a nicely supporting base. We decided to continue on to the bottom where is was fragile but still keeping us afloat. Unfortunately Blue hit a big ice-ball on piste that had been left behind by a piste-basher, and he needed to take a taxi home. Hopefully he hasn’t damaged himself too badly but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to ski for a day or two and I’ll update you when we find out the extent of his injuries. Thomas had a new client Pascale skiing with him this morning and it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday Pascale and what a good ski to celebrate with! It’s now 3:46PM and huge snowflakes are falling out of the sky with the forecast calling for 40cm’s by tomorrow morning. At this time of year 10 to 20 cm’s would do nicely so that we’d have a morning or two of powder before the new snow could transform to spring snow. Forty cm’s will make for potentially dangerous skiing in places and that volume of snow takes a long time to transform back into spring snow. Anyway, we’ll have to deal with it and don’t forget your air-bags! A Blue and Sports Report will follow later.

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