It snowed cricket-ball size flakes at times during the night

20 April 2009

It snowed cricket-ball size flakes at times during the night and being somewhat optimistic we headed up to the Fornet. After a quick ‘feel’ and the usual slow opening Henry, Chris and I decided to make a U-turn and bus back to Bellevarde en-route to Tignes. From there we skied a nice run off the Verte, followed by an excellent Borsat Nord from the top. The Fornet was socked-in so we were well pleased with ourselves as the snow was much lighter and the visibility was significantly better Tignes-way. We then had two great runs off the Leisse before skiing the Rosolin, where the snow as cold and wintry, but a bit of work to get to and exit. From there we skied the Cairn and finished with a surprisingly good ‘funky-Familial’ to finish off Tony W’s 47th birthday ski. Happy birthday Tony and well skied Alex, who has made some serious progress over the last couple of seasons. Anyway, it was another pretty good outing and after moments of sunshine this afternoon followed by massive snowflakes, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

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