We had a nice surprise this morning as the sun made an unexpected appearance

21 April 2009

We had a nice surprise this morning as the sun made an unexpected appearance and it was great to see blue sky again. We all headed up to the Fornet again, but the amount of snow up there is quite incredible and after one knee-deep-but-slightly-educational run I did another U-turn and returned to Tignes. Chris continued on with Tejina and Suzanne for a couple more runs before heading to the Motte and Henry tried his luck on the Glacier but with 120cm’s of snow it was hard work. My team skied a good run off the Borsat en-route to the Motte where we skied 119-turns on the Rosolin and Chris had a great run off the Little Face Nord of the Motte before ‘skinning’ out. Thomas had a special day today skiing with Pierre Tardivel, who is a famous extreme skier with many first descents world-wide to his credit. (Google him for more details) Thomas had a superb day skiing nothing but steep-and-narrow and needed to be roped into a few places and was seriously impressed with Pierre. Kristina also had a great day free-riding in the Grand Vallon and said, “fat skis and speed was the only way to do it today”. Well done Kristina! Radio Will has been down the valley having a foot operation and we wish him as little pain as possible and a speedy recovery. Sebastian, who some of you may have skied with this season, had a climbing accident on the indoor wall and broke his L-1 vertebrae . He’s been down in the hospital in Grenoble for the past twelve days and is being moved to a re-hab centre in Marseille tomorrow. Kristina says he’s positive and really looking forward to getting out of the hospital. Good luck Sebastian and everyone at ‘Alpine’ wishes you a full and speedy recovery. A sunny day is forecast for tomorrow so hopefully we’ll get a decent freeze so we can ski good spring snow at lower altitudes. (With the amount of snow we’ve had it will take some time for a proper transformation up.) If I had the energy I’d watch the footie tonight but I need to hide from Clive and Ray for a couple of nights!

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