The morning started off cloudy but Radio Will promised that it would clear quickly

22 April 2009

The morning started off cloudy but Radio Will promised that it would clear quickly, and how right he was. It was another in-between day, meaning the only powder left would be dead-north and extremely high, and after the amount of snow that’s fallen, the spring slopes haven’t really had time to transform properly, except down at lower altitudes. So even with a minimum freeze Chris and I decided on the alti-port/Lavachet, which was excellent followed by a rather superb Sachette, which worked right to the bottom. From there I tried a Campanules, which just worked but was really fragile and justified why we chose the lower slopes while Chris finished with a Familial. It was a cracking good ski and thoroughly enjoyed by Steven and Kaye, who had a trip skiing in Kashmir in January. Hopefully it will have ’baked’ enough this afternoon to transform the higher slopes, as the Face du Charvet, Tour du Charvet and the Manchet sector all beckon and are clean. I have my doubts and think we may need to wait another day but we’ll be testing the snow first-thing tomorrow to see if we can head that way. Another minimum freeze is forecast for tonight, which doesn’t really help very much. Stay tuned! PS United fans will be thanking Arsenal for last night’s stunning match and Liverpool dropping two points.

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