I awoke at 4AM because of a glass or two too many after a spontaneous dinner party

23 April 2009

I awoke at 4AM because of a glass or two too many after a spontaneous dinner party with Chris, Suzanne, Ray, and Jane Seaford, who is visiting from New Zealand. Anyway, at that hour I looked outside to see cloud cover and knew we were in for a minimum freeze and a potentially tricky morning. Having doubts about how set-up the spring slopes were made it a tough decision but after testing some lovely snow off the Verte Chris and I decided to take a chance and ski ‘Val d’Isere classics’. My team started with a good run off the Borsat en-route to the Grand Pre where we skied an excellent top-half of the tour, way out skiers-right. We were an hour early but still at mid-altitude the snow was becoming fragile so instead of exiting through the Couloir du Mont Blanc we cut out early to change exposures and find firmer snow. On the way out we came across a carcass of a dead chamois, which had been stripped to the bare bones by feasting animals and birds. From there we had a really good Cugnai and even though the snow was on the firm side, you could still punch your pole through as the support layer wasn’t very deep, confirming our theory about it not being perfectly set-up yet. From there we skied two from the Col du Madeleine and we just made it to the bottom on the second run as the ’freeze’ was starting to give out. We finished with the top of the Marmottes before cutting out above the cliffs and back to the piste. Chris opted for a little ’skin’ to Mont Roup and I would have bet £100 that he wouldn’t have made it, especially after needing to cut out of the Charvet. Anyway, Chris’ team had fragile but wonderful run and that just shows how much I know and bravo Chris’ team! Chris also finished with the top of the Marmottes and cut out to avoid ‘quick-snow’ at the bottom and we all had another great outing in potentially tough conditions. Unfortunately Blue is still out with his injury after hitting a nasty snowball on the piste and won’t ski off-piste again this holiday. Blue sky is forecast again for tomorrow with a chance of some snow towards the Galise. Now that’s cutting it fine on the forecasting front! (Please check Tony’s link on top of news page)

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