Yesterday’s heat finally melted and compressed the snow.....

24 April 2009

Yesterday’s heat finally melted and compressed the snow enough to give a good depth of transformation and combined with a good cold night it was game on this morning. Chris and I skied in Tignes starting with an excellent Altiport/Lavachet, which was perfectly clean. From there the Super Cocaine was also superb followed by a as-good-as-it-gets Sachette. We then had some bonus turns off the edge of the piste en-route to the Aero-ski and finished with a lovely Familial. We saw about three other skiers all morning, which always adds to the experience and it was a wonderful ski. (Nice photos Jean) I had a great lunch with Blue, Nina and their friend Bill but after last years ‘chemical reaction’, which was of proportions not experienced since my days here with my brother Denny, along with Hort, Stretch, and Webby, I took it easy and escaped undamaged. (Blue is a great chap but a dangerous lunching partner!) It snowed lightly during lunch and hopefully the clouds will disperse so that we can get another good freeze tonight. At the moment it’s 50/50 whether we get our re-freeze followed by sun tomorrow. Fingers crossed! PS Will’s latest weather report shows a better chance for a cold night.

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