Before reporting on today’s skiing I must back-track to yesterday....

25 April 2009

Before reporting on today’s skiing I must back-track to yesterday when Mick D created a new and fortunately rare award, the ‘splash du jour’. After a stunning Sachette Mick managed to spin himself around and ended up with a splash in the little creek. He was soaked but in good spirits and was impressed with the wicking qualities of his clothing. Nice one Mick! As for today, a few centimetres fell yesterday but we did get a good freeze and with it another excellent morning. Chris’ team of Gron, Myfanwy, Graham, Rupert and Suzanne had a big outing skiing great snow over the Col des Fours followed by a perfect Lores. Well done and you deserved your beers in the Sport Bar afterwards. Andreas was back in action with John D and Co. and they had a great morning around the Charvet and Manchet. My morning was a little more complicated. We started with wonderful Kern, which was very atmospheric as well as having lovely snow. From there we skied a very good but fragile Face du Charvet and then I decided to back-track towards Tignes. We were traversing across avalanche rubble into the Spatule when Clive hit some debris and fell head-first down the mountain, landing on more debris. It took a few minutes to get Clive on his feet and we ended up needing a pisteur to cart Clive off to Doctor Al’s in a blood-wagon. Penny phoned Mark to meet Clive at Al’s and we continued on to ski a terrific Campanules, followed by the bowl off the Fresse, and then the Spatule (passing Chez Clive) to finish. It was another top day except for Clive’s injury and Ray and I went up to Doctor Al’s after lunch to see Clive. He was in good spirits and it seems he has torn some muscles leaving him very sore but not too seriously injured. As for the weather, our sunny run is over and it looks like off-and-on snow for the next five or six days. Hopefully it will clear up in time for the last weekend as it’s too late in the season to deal with too much flat-light. Stay tuned for some sporting news if the Hammers get a good result against Chelsea!

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