Wow, what a fabulous morning!

26 April 2009

Wow, what a fabulous morning! It had to be some of the best spring snow, without the sun, that I can remember in quite some time. Only a centimetre or two of fresh snow fell overnight, but it was enough for the new snow to ‘eat into’ the surface layer and soften it to a nice texture without the warmth of the sun being needed to melt the frozen surface. It was +5C at 8AM with grey skies and a foehn wind of up to 80kph blowing it didn’t look like it was going to be such a good ski, but once on the snow I knew we were in for a good day. We started out with an excellent Alti-port/Lavachet, followed by a good Cocaine Sud, then a stunning Cocaine Nord, and then a superb Lavachet but from the top through the avalanche barriers. From there we skied a funky Familial to the bottom arriving around 1:20PM to finish off Jean R’s 93rd and last morning of a terrific season. We’ll miss his company and his excellent photographic input to the website. Merci beaucoup Jean! Chris was also in action this morning and he skied the Alti-port/Lavachet followed by the ever-faithful Sachette. He had one skier who has only skied for five-weeks and his team thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Chris, Suzanne, Rob C and I had a fantastic evening last night with Jean, Nicole, Nicola, Juliette, and their three children in their home above the shop. We didn’t leave until mid-night, which at this stage of the season is late, but it was a lovely evening and we managed to behave ourselves. Just! Anyway, Merci Juliette and Nicola. It’s snowing lightly and blowing as I write at 3PM and who knows what tomorrow will bring. And Clive was at Les Tufs in good spirits and is on the mend, although it could take 4 to 6 weeks before he’s able to play golf. Fingers crossed for him!

Sports Report- What a belting second-half performance by Man United yesterday. Tottenham were hanging on to a two goal lead when United were given a poor penalty decision, which they fully took advantage of. From there they just outclassed a very good side and they were very impressive to watch as they scored another 4 goals. (Even if you’re pulling for Liverpool to win the title.) Anyway, you can hardly begrudge them their penalty when they lost their FA Cup semi-final to Everton when they weren’t awarded an obvious penalty. Harry wasn’t very happy though!

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