In what was pretty uninspiring conditions we had another cracking good ski!

27 April 2009

In what was pretty uninspiring conditions we had another cracking good ski! It was grey again this morning, with +5C in town at 8AM, and although the wind had died down considerable, the foehn was still blowing. After spending the past seven days away from the Fornet I decided it was time to return and have a look at what’s developed up there in our absence. By the time we reached the summit of the Pyramid Chairlift I’d seen enough. Surprisingly very little snow had accumulated and the base underneath was uneven and nasty looking so I returned to where I knew the base was smooth and clean so Ray, Penny and I skied the piste and did a U-turn back towards Bellevarde. From there we skied an excellent Lavachet from the top, which was so good we circled back around and skied it again. From there we skied a good Campanules before finishing off with a lovely Familial. It started to snow harder around 11PM and the light became flatter, so we finished up around 12:15 and had lunch at Les Tufs. Chris and Suzanne had Clive, Ray, Penny, Jean, and I over for dinner last night, and we enjoyed a great evening. Thanks very Suzanne and Chris! Jean R put a team photo up and it will be his last until next season. Thanks again Jean as your photos have really spruced up my diary and you have many regular viewers. Speaking of photos, there a few of Penny in great form looking strong through her downhill foot, bravo Penny! Ten to thirty centimetres are forecast by tomorrow and by the look of it at the moment (2:10PM) 30 will be a real possibility. PS Latest forecast shows 15 to 50 cm’s.

Sports Report- I watched the 2nd -half of the Blackburn V Wigan match yesterday and was seriously impressed with Blackburn’s spirit and togetherness in defending their lead. Paul Robinson was brilliant in goal and looked like the keeper he was at Leeds several years ago. With performances like that he should be getting an England re-call at some stage soon.

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