Bloody hell, what a morning!

28 April 2009

Bloody hell, what a morning! It had to be one of the toughest skis of the season after 60cm’s of heavy snow fell overnight. After a slow opening we had two excellent runs skiing 10 to 30cm’s of winter snow on pistes such as the OK, and even down to the bottom it was warm but still good skiing. But once we needed to ski off-piste it was a totally different story. The snow was knee deep and in places un-skiable, and when the sun came out the snow thickened even more instantly. When the Grande Motte cable-car opened in front of us we had to give it a go, but even at the top of the cable car it wasn’t easy. Preston, who I first met here 28-years ago, was trying a pair of K2 Pontoons, which are banana-shaped and about ten inches wide, and he managed to turn in places where the rest of us were seriously struggling. Once back on piste Preston was cursing them saying, “I’ll never ski on these damn things again”, although he did enjoy them for a pitch or two. Chris was skiing today with a group who’s guide cancelled their tour due to dangerous touring conditions, and Chris was happy to arrive home in one piece as well. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I’m really looking forward to Barcelona vs. Chelsea tonight!

PS. I forgot to mention that Dan and Denise were leaving beautiful ‘Alpine’ tracks in their wake this morning. Nice one!

Sports Report- Andreas had a good day winning the lowest score in the Annecy Open yesterday. He won a Wilson Driver but didn’t get the Cup, which went to a high-handicapper. (Most high-handicappers fib about their handicap as well, which makes it all the harder) Anyway, bravo Andreas!

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