After two difficult days we were due a bit of a break and Ray and I enjoyed a great morning up at the Fornet.

30 April 2009

After two difficult days we were due a bit of a break and Ray and I enjoyed a great morning up at the Fornet. After a good freeze the wet snow of the past two days set-up just enough to give us a fragile support layer with 10 to 20cm’s of winter snow on top, and with the sun shining for the first time in days we really profited. We had a nice run off the Laisinant chair and then another good run off the Pyramid while waiting for the Signal to open. Once on top we had two excellent runs in the Grand Vallon, followed by a terrific Combe du Signal. There have been some big slides in the Combe du Signal, which takes me back to around 17 years-ago, when the entire bowl slid at this time of year. It was the biggest avalanche I’ve ever seen with a fracture line about 300 metres wide and at least two metres deep. It took the debris at the bottom until mid-October to melt and Chris has some fantastic photos on file somewhere. Anyway, back to the skiing and as mentioned there was a light under-crust, which supported but we needed to be on our toes because any lack of concentration could be costly. From time to time we’d go from comfortable skiing with 20cm’s to a couple of tricky ‘educational’ turns where the snow was suddenly less-deep and the under-crust more of a factor. From the Combe we went upstairs to check out conditions on the Glacier but the snow wasn’t nearly as appetizing as what we’d been skiing so we went directly over the Col for a very good Col Pers. The top was good powder, then we needed to search out strips of winded winter snow before arriving back on supporting snow at the bottom. Ray’s knee was bothering him so he went home while I went up Bellevarde to check out conditions on that side of the resort. I’m hoping it gets hot enough to transform the fresh snow of the past few days into spring snow or we could be in for an ‘in-between’ day tomorrow. (meaning not quite powder and not quite spring, which equates to bummer!) Anyway,today was a fantastic outing and we’ll hope for the best and have a test of the snow in the morning.

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