Medicines For Humanity (MFH)

17 September 2009

I have some great news regarding Suzanne and John Sadowsky, both of whom have had some major achievements recently.

Suzanne has been working hard towards her international teaching certificate in Australia, and has passed the Australian Level 2. She has been on the hill most mornings at 7AM and again late in the afternoons, and she is a few modules away from her international stamp. Bravo Suzanne!

John S has been doing work for Medicines For Humanity (MFH), which is an organisation dedicated to improving the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. John has won their annual award of ‘Humanitarian of the Year’, mostly for his work in Oruro, Bolivia. John received his award in Boston on September 15th. Congratulations John!

As you can see the new website still isn’t up, but one of theses days……

Stay tuned for more news as the new season approaches.

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