Report a decent amount of snow

07 November 2009

Chris and Suzanne have been in Val d’Isere over the past few days and report a decent amount of snow on the ground and more snowfalls on the way. That’s great news as the pre-Christmas skiing can be some of the best skiing of the season when we’re lucky enough to get early snow. The light is exquisite, everyone in town is in a cheery mood and looking forward to the new season, and best of all, the mountain is all ours. I’m really looking forward to it and will be there raring to go for ‘opening day’.

Rob C just e-mailed to say that Europacar Hire offer 33% discount to those with an annual Carte Neige (Not to be confused with the similarly named card sold by the STVI) It may be linked to Easy-jet flights, but I’m not sure about that.

TJ is in the final process of getting our new website on-line, so stay tuned for a new look soon!

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