Thirty-five cm's of fresh....

02 December 2009

We had a wonderful maximum-turn morning at a very felaxed pace in 35cm’s of stunning snow. I skied with John and Margaret while Andreas entertained Eileen and Mark, and with an empty resort we could take our time and really savour the morning. We started off the Verte before skiing three or four Fontaine Froide’s, followed by the Campanule, Lower Chardonnet, and then the Familial to finish. It was our first ten-out-of-ten session of the season and we had sunshine to start and even though some high cloud drifted overhead the visibility was good all-morning long. We had the pleasure of Pietro’s company for coffee at the Gourmadine this morning and it was nice to see him on such good form. He’s here for eight-days doing some private touring and is really looking forward to it. Snow is forecast again tomorrow, which is fantastic news as we need some more snow, especially at lower altitudes, to protect us from those lurking rocks.

I’m having computer problems at the moment so if there is a delay in responding to your e-mails, sorry but it’s not because of a lack of trying. I’ve decided to paint my entire flat before Millie, Katie and Gill arrive on December 27th, so I’ve loaded up my plate so to speak. What a sucker for punishment!

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