The Chardonnet as it's best

03 December 2009

We were expecting a cloudy day but we awoke to clear skies and Radio Will forecast a deterioration during the morning with snow starting by late afternoon. John, Margaret and I profited with the good light and had a stunning morning. After warming up off Verte we skied a very good Campanule en-route to Tignes. From there we skied a Lower Chardonnet, which was so good we circled around and climbed up to do it from the top. I traversed out skier’s-left to pass over the little Col and access the big steep slope, which was atmospheric with great snow. From there we skied piste en-route to a lovely Familial to finish. Andreas started at 11 o’clock and skied until 3PM as Mark had a business call. I haven’t had a report but I’m sure they had a wonderful time as well, especially with the cloud cover holding back allowing good light most of the day. We’ve been lucky so far as the early-season snow quality as been better than last season, although it was right about now that we had the big dump that set us up for the season. And with similar timing twenty centimetres of snow is forecast tonight!

Gastronomic Report- Chris, Suzanne and I were invited up to John and Margaret’s last night for dinner, and what a meal! Margaret cooked roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with gravy, roast potatoes, pureed carrots, broccoli, and cabbage. Superb! We then had some lovely cheese followed by fruit salad and ice cream. Thank-you Margaret as Chris and I are still talking about how good it was.

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