And Happy Birthday to you too Tansy

05 December 2009

We awoke to clear skies but the forecast was for clouds rolling in quickly with a chance of snow by noon, so we weren’t expecting great visibility. We decided to head up to the Fornet and were rewarded with fantastic snow and just when it looked like the sky was going to darken, the skies cleared and we had sunshine all morning long. So much for the forecast! My team warmed up with one under the Pyramid Chair while waiting for Derek to sort out his lift pass, then we skied four excellent Combe du Signal’s (from the Pyramid Chair), one Combe du Geant on the Glacier, then an very good Arselle where we needed to walk out, followed by good snow off the Verte en-route to the Lower Familial. Andreas skied pretty much the same and he had Tansy along for a birthday ski. I watched her ski a pitch in the Combe du Signal and I must say she’s a beautiful powder skier. Lovely shape to her turns, nice rhythm and quiet feet. Brilliant! Fiona, who was skiing with Pietro has made enormous progress and she skied beautifully this morning. Meanwhile, Chris, Suzanne and John ’skinned’ up on the Glacier and skied a wonderful Pays Desert before ‘skinning’ back out. We were even luckier as it turned out that Tignes had power trouble and much was closed until noon. All in all, it was another top day even though I watched the Hammers get hammered by United, with a United fan. Painful! Thomas is predicting similar weather again tomorrow, which would be nice.

I must apologise to Roddy Finlay for including a six-year out of date phone number for Finlay’s Ski on the website. I sorted it last night and the number is now correct.

Kristina sent us a nice e-mail last night and she is now in Medical School. Good girl! I’m not too sure where she is but the sun rises at 9:20AM and sets at 1:20PM, and as she says, “It’s going to get worse”. (Sounds somewhere North to me.) Anyway, she misses us all, is studying hard, is enjoying it and will come to visit in January. Thanks for your news Kristina.

Crime Report- Peter and Clare C were burgled last night when they were sleeping. Peter had left the door unlocked, which he won’t be doing again and fortunately only Peter’s Airbag was taken and no one was hurt. Peter went to the Police who said that professional thieves worked the town last night and they even had the nerve to break into some apartments full of Army Personel who are here training.

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