Another lucky day with the visibility

06 December 2009

We had another bonus morning where we were expecting overcast skies and flat light, but the clouds lifted enough to give us good light most of the morning. Pietro headed back to the Fornet to do some ‘skinning’ with Fiona, and I’m sure they had a great ski. Chris, Andreas and I decided on Tignes and had another excellent morning. After some nice snow off the Verte we skied the Campanule, which was good but we needed to traverse all the way across to get fresh snow. Andreas then skied the Chardonnet with great conditions while I headed up to the Motte for the first time this season. The snow at altitude has been lightly ’touched’ by the wind but it was still great skiing. Chris arrived and we skied some lovely snow off-piste on the Genepy piste, although you couldn’t really tell where the piste actually was. We skied a fantastic Familial to finish another great day. It turned very warm this afternoon and I could feel a few drops of rain while walking up to the shop. JM and Oli arrived today and Oli is staying until the 27th and JM until the 3rd of January. JM has some wonderful photos of their trip to Greenland that will wet the appetite of you adventure seekers out there. Warm and wet weather is forecast for tomorrow, with the rain/snow limit around 2000metres.

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