Decent visibility but way too warm

07 December 2009

Today resembled a powder morning in the middle of April with warm humid snow and +7C at the bottom of the Funival at noon. Still, it was good skiing considering the conditions and we were grateful for decent visibility again today. Oli and JM entertained the Ski Club while Pietro finished skiing with Fiona, who had a wonderful time. Andreas and I ‘sniffed’ around Bellvarde, the Chardonnet and the Familial and it was a pretty good morning of ’April powder’. It was incredibly difficult cutting through the snow to arrive in the Chardonnet as the track we’ve been using was covered over with 30 cm’s of warm snow and I was sweating like a squash player. Horrid! Anyway, snow and colder temperatures are forecast for this evening so we should have better conditions again tomorrow.

PS Jean Ribart starts skiing tomorrow so be ready to log-on to his link for his season’s photo story. And thanks to Peter c and Paul W for dinner last night.

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