'Educational' at times but a jolly good ski

09 December 2009

The sun was shining and thank goodness as there was some tricky snow here and there this morning. After a warm-up and snow test off the Verte it was evident that last night’s wind had worked the snow and what was easy skiing yesterday was much more demanding today. We all headed to Tignes and I had some interesting skiing off the Motte with a mix of creamy winded snow, which worked nicely with good pivoting and side-slipping skills, and ‘skiers’ snow that you needed to apply yourself in. We left great tracks, which is a tribute to John, Margaret, Stephen, Robert and Jean because it was ‘educational’. Olivier had better luck in the Chardonnet but I’m not too sure where he went from there and skiing all-day as JM and Olivier are with the Ski Club in today’s conditions would be hard work. Bravo boys! Meanwhile Thomas had a group of Vikings, Pietro skied with Maeve and Adrian, Chris skied with Gillian, Susan and Jim, and Andreas took the morning off. After all that it was still a very enjoyable morning and things should improve with another cold night as the rain-crust that formed a couple of days ago is starting to break-up, which will give us a few more options. It’s Chrissy’s birthday today so best wishes and enjoy your meal out tonight! Sunny weather is forecast again for the next few days.

We know many of you are having trouble with an ‘error page’ popping up and apparently it has something to do with having a favourite marked from the old site. Chris is finding out how to get rid of it and I’ll post instructions in the next day or two when he gets the proper procedure from our server. Sorry for the inconvenience and I know how you feel as mine was driving me nuts before Chris sorted it out for me.

Sports Report- I didn’t see the game but I was well pleased for Michael Owen as he scored a hat-trick last night in the Champions League. I’m a fan of Owen and wish him well, and Sir Alex did well picking him up on a ‘free’. I did however see Ronaldo’s wonderful strike for Real last night. One must admit that the self-loving git is a hell of a player.

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