Great tip Olivier and merci Jean Sports

10 December 2009

There was some high thin cloud overhead early on this morning but it cleared away quickly giving us another lovely sunny day. Chris and I reverted to an early season trick we used well a couple of seasons ago after Olivier had a little ‘sniff’ around the Aiguille Percee yesterday. That sector is still closed so the only access is by ’skinning’ up and taxiing out. From the Aiguille Rouge chairlift we walked up for about ten minutes then traversed around to ski the Super Cocaine, which was untracked and excellent. We then circled back around and went over the back to ski an equally good Jardini and then continued to ski all the way down to Les Boisse. The snow was very good top-to-bottom apart from a 20 metre patch of stiff stuff, and we all had a beer at the Cordee waiting for our taxi to arrive. Meanwhile JM and Oli headed up to the Fornet and were rewarded with the Signal poma opening around noon. JM skied a fantastic Vallonnet and like the rest of the resort, the best snow was down on the lower sections. The boys had a great day with their Ski Club parties and they have another two days with them. Pietro finished today and heads back home to Italy tomorrow. He had a wonderful time skiing and catching up with friends but we may not see him again this winter. Take care Pietro! More sun is forecast for tomorrow and it’s ‘walkies’ time.

Gastronomic Delights

We enjoyed a stunning evening of lovely wine and outstanding food with the Jean Sport team and their families and our ‘Alpine’ crew at the shop last night. Holly and Mark J and Rob C were along as well and it was a jolly merry affair. Pietro brought some mouth-watering parmesan cheese from Italy while JM and Oli brought superb foie gras and magret de canard along. There was also some lovely bread and pate and Jean produced some splendid wines. Jean isn’t a big drinker but when he has a glass or two it’s always of the highest quality. Every morsel that passed the lips deserved total concentration and I personally was doing a lot of “umm-ing”. Thank-you Jean Sport for a fantastic evening!

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