First Sache of the season

12 December 2009

It was the coldest night of the winter last night and when I left Chris and Suzanne’s around 9PM it was already -12C. There was some cloud cover first thing this morning with the forecast for thickening cloud giving way to some light snowfalls towards the end of the morning, and that is exactly what happened. We knew the Aiguille Percee sector was opening today so Chris, Andreas and I all headed that way via the Little Lavachet. There is unfortunately still some rain-crust about so we couldn’t ski across the meadows because of it but thankfully the main slopes supported with ten cm’s on top. It wasn’t the easiest snow but it worked and could have been much worse. From there we were the first people into the Sache this season but by then the light was slowly deteriorating , making it a little more difficult. (With the varied snow it helps enormously if you can see well enough to read the snow but we had flattish-light the rest of the morning). The main slope in the Sache was pretty good with a very slight surface crust that you could ski through quite easily, but it needed confidence and commitment. From there we had some slopes of lovely soft snow and others that had a little surface tension, which you couldn’t see coming. Surprise, surprise! Anyway, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds and we did have some good skiing mixed in with some trickier moments. I had Luke, John and Margaret’s grandson and he creamed it. Well done Luke! JM and Olivier finished a very good week with the Ski Club today but I haven’t had a report from them. Hopefully the snow will continue but we aren’t expecting a lot, and hopefully the Hammers can pick up some points in Birmingham today.

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