I forgive you Pete

13 December 2009

Fortunately the overcast skies never materialised and we were grateful for a cold but sunny day. It was -12C in the village this morning but without any wind to speak of it was a very pleasant ‘cold’. Chris and I warmed up to test the snow off the Verte and conditions had loosened up since yesterday and we then headed to the Motte via the Borsat. We had a couple of good runs off the Leisse with pockets of powder, strips of creamy snow on a supporting base, and the odd ‘sticky’ turn for good measure. We skied home off-piste on the Genepy, which is still closed and hasn’t been groomed, then finished with a much improved Familial. Andreas helped with the races and said that it was so icy he should have had crampons, while Thomas watched the racing this morning. Oli and JM have moved down to the Chalet Colinn as a base for a week of touring and Oli skied Mont Roup again today but I haven’t heard a report. The forecast is for cold weather all week, and mostly clear skies. (At least the cold will improve some of the tough snow)

Sports Report- Well, it’s tough times for Hammers fans and I must blame my good friend Pete for dragging me into this West Ham thing all those years ago. Anyway, my beloved Steelers are also in melt-down in the NFL and looking fairly sad but at least the Calgary Flames are playing great Ice Hockey. And a nice win for the Gunners tonight, which keeps them in the hunt while seriously questioning Liverpool’s ability to make an impact this season.

PS I was just looking at Jean’s photos for today and we did have some atmospheric cloud drift by on our first run off the Leisse and it was quite spectacular.

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