Cold and clear and another great day on the mountain

14 December 2009

Well, it’s 10:35 and I’ve skied until 4:30, painted until 6:30, then had a fantastic meal at John and Margaret’s with a few glasses of wine, so hopefully you’ll get a somewhat coherent update. It was even colder today with -16C in Val Claret around 10 o’clock this morning, but without any wind it didn’t really feel that cold. We spent all morning and the entire afternoon without needing to go in for any hot chocolate stops, and it was really rather pleasant. Andreas had a big day today as he went up to the Glacier Suspendu (Terre Rouge some call it) for the first time with Oli and JM, and had a fantastic time. It’s a stunning place and with excellent snow he and Tony W had a great time. Bravo boys! Meanwhile, Chris took John F and his son Robert for a lovely Mont Roup while my team were the first into the Sachette this season. I had 12-year-old Justine with me and she did brilliantly well, both skiing and walking. Well done Justine! (She just happens to be the British under-13 fencing champion as well) Her Mum Julie picked up a ‘skier-of-the-morning’ award for some very impressive progress over the past couple of days. Gillian T led the way on the first slope in the Sachette as I stayed behind to coach and Jean has kindly posted a few photos for me. Merci Jean! (Well done to both Mike, Robert and Caroline as well.) More cold weather is forecast without any sign of snow on the horizon, so we’ve switched into walk mode and will make the best of it. Log-on for more news tomorrow. And thanks for the e-mail Pete!

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