Come on you Hammers!

15 December 2009

Radio Will announced -13C at 8AM in the village but by the time we arrived at the end of the traverse on the Borsat we had stripped down a layer and never really felt the cold. Chris and I skied another brilliant Mont Roup and 12-year-old Justine handled it beautifully. In my group 15-year-old Luke had the pleasure of ‘skinning’ and skiing powder with his 72-year-old grandparents. How cool is that! Gideon started his season in style today and features in Jean R’s photos of the day. Meanwhile JM and Oli skied the Lores via the Cold des Fours, and gave their touring groups a great day out. Andreas also skied the Col des Fours with his lovely wife Tansy, ‘Johnny Alpine’ and his son Robert, and Peter B. It sounds as if the exit at the bottom from the Col des Four is in need of some snow but unfortunately it might be a while coming. Thomas had a very good day as well with a group of Vikings skiing the Face du Charvet before heading back towards Tignes and skiing the Chardonnet. Another cold but sunny day is forecast for tomorrow.

PS. Jamie from Peak Photographics skied with Chris this morning and took some great photos. We’ll have a link soon to Jamie’s site for those of you interested in seeing yourself in action.

Sports Report- It’s a massive match for the Hammers away at Bolton tonight and it’s make or break time for both teams. We often have problems at the Reebok and I’ll be watching nervously at the Pacific, cheering my boys on. Come on you hammers!

PS. After all that it turns out the televised game is Birmingham v Blackburn. I think I’ll go back to my painting.

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