25% off on-line rentals at Jean Sports

16 December 2009

I felt cold in bed last night and wasn’t surprised to hear it was -17C in the village this morning. Still, we didn’t need to seek shelter and I went from hat to headband during the first run. I had a bit of a funky morning skiing a very good Kern, followed by a slightly tricky Lavachet, then a nice Super Cocaine, followed by some good bits and pieces on the way home. Chris skied similar runs while Andreas skied off the Borsat and then the Sachette, with Erik, Jackie, and their thirteen-year-old son Fergus. It’s been a good week for youth as we’ve had Justine (12), Luke (15) and Fergus (13), and they’re all good skiers who aren’t afraid of a little walk. Bravo and there are some proud parents out there! Thomas had a good day as well around the Borsat before heading to Tignes and JM and Oli had a big day touring up to the Pointe de la Sana. It makes me tired just thinking about what those hard-core boys have done this week. Well done! More sunshine is forecast for tomorrow but we could really use that snow that the English don’t need.

Jean Sports Report- Jean Sports are giving a 25% reduction on ski rentals when you book on-line. Since many of you need to rent touring gear when you get here save yourself some money and book on-line. You’d be crazy to not take up Didier’s mad offer!

Sports Report- I’m too bummed for a report.

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