Wow! What a day!

17 December 2009

We had another cold day with -18C in the village at 8AM, but again if you stayed in the sun it was really quite warm in places. Chris and I ‘skinned’ up to the Glacier Suspendu (Terre Rouge) and had an absolutely stunning decent from top-to-bottom. It was warm enough to ski without a coat and in just a headband, and the snow was wonderful. We skied the big slopes back into the Sache while Thomas and his lovely girlfriend Muriel traversed left and skied down into Les Brevieres on a reconnaissance mission. Andreas had a great morning with the Browne family skiing the Kern, Tour du Charvet, and the Combe du 3300 at the Fornet. The hard-core boys JM and his pal Oli ‘skinned’ 1200 vertical metres (4-hours) with their groups on the Sassiere, and they too had a fabulous day. It clouded over this afternoon and a few flakes were blowing about and another cold day is forecast for tomorrow but whether we have good visibility remains to be seen. Stay tuned and don’t forget to check Jean’s photo link!

Tiger Woods Report- I was lying in bed wondering if after all these years Tiger’s annoying fans will finally stop shouting, “Get in the hole”? After having a laugh with Andreas about it at the Gourmandine Andreas chipped in with, “Tiger had a great round the other day, he had six birdies”!

PS- I forgot that Henry had some students from Meon Cross School in Southampton and showed them a really educational day out. He had the co-operation of the Pisteurs who organised burying a couple of students (with a Pisteur) and watching the dogs search as well as beeper work and snow science. Good one Henry!

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