A good trip to the Fornet

18 December 2009

We were lucky with the visibility this morning as the forecasted poor light didn’t arrive until the afternoon. It was slightly warmer this morning so Chris and I headed to the Fornet for a change of pace and skied a very good Pay Desert from the Combe du 3300 before ‘skinning’ out. We then tried the Col Pers for the first time this season and it was Robert and Caroline’s first-ever trip back-side. The snow was surprisingly good and it wasn’t as rocky as we thought it might be, and we were fortunate with the light. Oli and JM finished up their touring week and JM ‘skinned’ to the Lores but ran into bad light and he was worried about the snow pack so he avoided the big slopes. Thomas skied Bellevarde-Tignes way and Andreas has a piste week with his Thai clients. Although it was warmer this morning it was bloody cold this afternoon and cold weather is forecast again for tomorrow. We did have a few flakes floating about today and we’ve probably had about 5cm’s of snow.

Snow Report- The extremely cold weather during the past week has been weakening the bond in the snowpack as goblet has been forming. There are now signs of instability and a 2 on a scale of 5 avalanche risk should be revised and extra caution is a must.

I forgot to mention yesterday that Red Ray has arrived and his warm-up for the season was a hike up to the Glacier Suspendu. Bonjour Ray! And Gideon’s helmet came off his backpack near the summit and it slide about 200 metres so we waved good bye as it was too steep to consider retrieving. Bummer!

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